Preparing Your Quilt for Your Long Arm Quilter

  • Press your quilt top and backing fabric.  Be sure all seams are pressed flat.
  • Remove all loose threads on both front and back of your quilt top.
  • Be sure your quilt top and backing fabric have straight edges and are squared up. Its always best when piecing your quilt top to measure your borders before attaching them, to prevent wavy borders.
  • Mark the top of your quilt top and backing fabric (if you have a preference) with a safety pin.
  • Be sure backing fabric is prepared (pieced) to size and remove selvages. (**Important…please add 5 to 6 inches extra in length and width)
  • Batting should be same size as backing fabric (if you are providing).   Most long arm quilters also stock batting.
  • Please don’t spray baste or pin the layers together.

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